Flavor Dust Sampler with Shaker

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Order all the flavors of Melissa's new Flavor Dusts and get a free shaker!  You'll get Honey Habanero, Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper, Memphis BBQ, and Spicy Buffalo, plus a shaker to dust your food to a flavorful goodness.

Each 6 oz bag is resealable, and is enough for up to 20 pounds of chicken wings.  But don't stop at wings, Flavor Dusts are great to add a zest of flavor to almost anything.  Made for seasoning after cooking, just lightly dust any food to give it more flavor and pop.  
-Mix with Ranch or Bleu Cheese to make the best dipping sauce or dressing
-Mix the Garlic Parm with melted butter or olive oil to make an amazing bread dipping sauce
-Sprinkle Memphis BBQ on chex mix or any smoked item right before serving to amp up the flavor
-Lemon Pepper is amazing on shrimp or fish
-Use Honey Habanero to light up a sweet signal fire on your tastebuds!