Grilled Lamb Chops With Shallot & Date Jam

May 6th 2022

he Spring is a time of reawakening, of the trees turning green and grass growing again. Traditionally, lamb is a popular springtime protein as this is the time when the lambs were properly sized. No … read more

Smoked Top Sirloin Cap

May 6th 2022

One of my favorite cuts of steak is known as the top sirloin cap. I think it is one of the most under-appreciated cuts of beef, generally because it is not sold separately. When you break down a top … read more

Smoked Chicken "Peruvian Style"

May 5th 2022

Smoked chicken has always been a favorite of mine. It’s simple, flavorful and easy to cook. However, sometimes you just want to take the flavors up a few notches, and this recipe definitely does tha … read more

Kickoff To Grilling Season Event

Apr 22nd 2022

Join us this Saturday, April 30 from 10am-3pm in Southaven! Let's be honest - we grill 12 months a year, but there's definitely something about Spring that makes you want to fire up the grill and e … read more