Melissa's Memphis BBQ Flavor Dust

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Melissa’s Memphis BBQ Flavor Dust will transform your wings with the sultry sweet with just a touch of heat Memphis BBQ Flavor.  Sprinkle generously on fresh cooked wings to add a flavor sensation to America’s favorite food!

Melissa’s Flavor Dusts are the new way to enjoy wings!  Finely ground and packed full of flavor, one full 6 oz bag is enough for up to 20 pounds of chicken wings.  Simply cook wings- fried, grilled, or smoked, and toss in Melissa’s Flavor Dust while hot for optimum flavor. 

Not just for wings!!  Add an amazing burst of flavor for any dish- just lightly dust right before serving.  Great on popcorn, ribs, grilled chicken, Chex mix, fries, nachos, and so much more.