Melissa's Honey Habanero Flavor Dust

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Melissa’s Honey Habanero lulls your palate with the sweetness of honey before stomping on it with some fiery habanero heat.  Not for the weak, this flavor dust packs the heat!  Sprinkle on fresh cooked wings, a little for an accent, or a lot, if you dare.  This flavor dust also works great as an added accent to any of Melissa’s other flavors.

Melissa’s Flavor Dusts are the new way to enjoy wings!  Finely ground and packed full of flavor, one full 6 oz bag is enough for up to 20 pounds of chicken wings.  Simply cook wings- fried, grilled, or smoked, and toss in Melissa’s Flavor Dust while hot for optimum flavor. 

Not just for wings!!  Add an amazing burst of flavor for any dish- just lightly dust right before serving.  Great on popcorn, ribs, grilled chicken, Chex mix, fries, nachos, and so much more.