Heritage Waxed Canvas Ice Block Tote Bag

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This is a vintage-inspired, all-purpose leather and heavy-waxed canvas powerhouse. A direct aesthetic and structural descendant of a time when back-breaking blocks of ice were carried into homes and businesses by hand. Indeed, when the iceman cometh to replenish the icebox he did so with this essential instrument replete with a small handle under the base for conveniently swift, single-motion unloading. Now, reintroduced, it's equally ready for lugging firewood to a pickup truck or stylishly supporting an indulgent day at the beach. Our hearty tribute to this utilitarian classic stands tall as an heirloom-quality bag. Details: - Durable water-resistant 18 oz. waxed canvas - Thick, full-grain, US cowhide, vegetable-tanned leather - Unlined for functional use - Padded shoulder strap for carrying ease when fully loaded - 7"x 10" interior hanging pocket for immediate access - Solid antique brass hardware. - Strong UV & weather-resistant marine