Mississippi Cheese Straws

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Not a cracker, but something deliciously unique! Cheese Straws are a delectable combination of perfectly aged cheddar cheese, flour, and spices shaped into narrow “straws”, which are baked to perfection to create a crispy snack-of-art!

A perfect compliment to cocktails, wine, soups, salads, or as a cheesy indulgence all their own, Cheese Straws have been The Indispensable Southern Staple at gatherings of every size in the American South for generations. Creating smiles wherever they are served, these delicious morsels are mandatory fare at all Southern weddings, soirees, holidays, showers and family get-togethers.

Generations Of Tradition

In the days before refrigeration, old Southern cooks would knead leftover biscuit dough with cheese and spices, cut it into thin strips, and bake. Waste not, want not. And, over generations, as recipes were shared and refined, what began as practicality became the fabulous hors d’oeuvre beloved by Southern hostesses and guests.