Deep South Smokers RGC

Price: $4,195.00

Item Details

UPGRADES TO BASE: 5 upgraded round bar racks 8" steel wheels

The RGC is a slimmed down version of the GC28. Designed with the Backyard BBQ competitor in mind it is orientated the same way as the larger models to better see and access the food inside. While the size is the same as the Patio, the small changes that make it a perfect for the backyard AND Backyard competition cook.


(3) 23 1/2" x 16 1/2"  expanded steel racks are standard

4” spacing between racks (custom spacing available)

5 sets of rack runners (can add more upon request)

2” x 4” side exhaust with damper control 

Exterior is 31” deep  54” wide  64” tall (with 8" wheels)

Locking, Keyed slam latch

Patented heat distribution made of 3” x 6” steel tube 

Inset box with 2 probe ports to protect your PDC



15lbs of lump charcoal

20lbs of briquettes 

Holds roughly 6 to 10 pork butts

Runtime is approximately 15 hours without having to be refilled at 225°

25 CFM  fan and draft control device is recommended